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All of our captioners have some level of certification. We are always learning about the latest technology to provide the industry’s best captions.

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We are here for all your captioning needs. Whether it’s a special event, in the classroom, or the boardroom, you are in great hands with Caption Pros.

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Keep up with latest news and information from Caption Pros. We handle some fun and unique captioning projects and share them here.

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With one out of every seven people having some degree of hearing loss, captioning by Caption Pros provides communication access. By providing instantaneous speech to text, it benefits all participants. Make your event accessible by adding realtime captioning.


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but
providing captioning services all over the world. Caption Pros is owned and led by award-winning captioner Jennifer Schuck, FAPR, RDR, CRC.

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Make your workplace accessible to individuals
with disabilities.

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Make your live event accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing using captioning services from Caption Pros.

On-Site Captioning

For large or small conferences and conventions, your words can be projected on a screen alone or open captioned with video.

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CART Captioning

Caption Pros provides on-site or remote CART captioning by streaming your words directly to the Internet for instant reading.

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Realtime speech-to-text translation for your event via our Web platform or integrated into your company’s website.

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Instant Transcription/News Conferences

From an audio file, a video file, or after a live event or news conference, Caption Pros can provide you with an instant transcript.

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Broadcast Captioning

Caption Pros provides superior quality captioning of local and national television programming.

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I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for providing the CART services at the recent meeting of the American Auditory Society. Our participant wrote to me to tell me how helpful you were in allowing her to follow and enjoy the proceedings of the meeting. I had an opportunity to look over your shoulder a few times and I was very impressed with your speed and accuracy!

Harvey B. Abrams, Ph.D.

President, American Auditory Society

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with the amazing customer service that Jen from Caption Pros has provided us. We've been struggling for weeks to find a bug in our platform that wouldn't allow captions to be uploaded. I'm happy to say, it looks like the issue is finally resolved and we are going to start uploading captioned videos this week. It has been a frustrating and time-consuming task. Yet, through it all, Jen has been patient and supportive and amazingly responsive.

Professor of the Deaf

We often hear that people enjoy our meetings and learn so much from our presenters because they are able to understand every word that is said. CART is essential to us, and Jennifer makes that possible.

Jen’s dedication, professional skills, generosity, and personal warmth make her very special to our chapter and to the entire hearing loss community.

HLAA Member

The community college that I attended had their own CART company. But for me, it was not nearly as good as the company I was used to. My high school team was much more efficient, accurate, and organized. I enjoyed working with Jen. Her expertise in CART greatly improved my academics.


Caption Pros has furnished CART for one of our students with a hearing impairment. The CART captioning has provided him with independence, self-assurance, and has allowed him to become self-directed. I truly believe that without CART, our student would not be the overachiever he is today.

Teacher for the Deaf

Caption Pros has provided us with excellent CART captioners for the classroom. They are punctual, pleasant, knowledgeable, and have the best interest of the student at all times. They have never missed one day in the classroom. 

Teacher for the Deaf

Jen, I wanted to express my appreciation for working with me for the Mandy Harvey concert. You were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and the captioning was awesome.

Jack Clevenger

Thanks so much for being patient with our delayed start this morning— and for the great work you do for us!!!

Elaine, Customer

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Captioning benefits everyone since we’re now in a hybrid world. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 48 million people in the U.S. are affected by hearing loss. Captioning services provided by Caption Pros provides communication access for all.

Captioning helps more people than just those with hearing loss. Have you ever turned to someone at a conference or meeting and said, ``What did they just say?`` Live captioning gives your attendees a second chance to read what has just been said on a screen or projector.

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