Walk4Hearing 2023

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Did you know that one in seven Americans are living with some degree of hearing loss? Hearing is an important part of overall health, and the Walk4Hearing calls on all of us to take action. The Walk4Hearing is the only nationwide event bringing attention to hearing loss and promoting the importance of hearing health. Funds […]

d/Deaf Awareness Month

Illustration of two deaf people standing in front of an ear.

September is Deaf Awareness Month, with International Week of the Deaf taking place September 25th – September 29th this year. This month serves to increase awareness of d/Deaf culture and language and issues around accessibility for those who are deaf. History of d/Deaf Awareness Month d/Deaf Awareness Month began in 1958 when the World Federation […]

Recommended Books by Authors with Disabilities 

Illustration of two people leaning against a stack of books. The blog is about books by authors with disabilities.

Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day  August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day, and this year, we are highlighting some of our favorite works written by authors with disabilities. These books work to broaden the narrative around what it means to live with a disability and challenge commonly held views within our ableist society.  We also […]

Automatic Speech Recognition is Biased

Automatic Speech Recognition is Biased: Why we need human captioners in a digital world Imagine a situation in which you have difficulty understanding or communicating with the people around you. Frustrated, you turn to technology to help get your message across. And then, your technology doesn’t understand you either. You feel a full spectrum of […]

The Importance of Captioner Certification 

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The Importance of Captioner Certification Some people understand the importance of providing captions for those who rely on them. With one out of seven people experiencing some degree of hearing loss, captions help to provide better communication access and equal access to learning and job opportunities. Read more about the importance of captioner certification below. […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day – Universal digital accessibility and inclusion

Global Accessibility Awareness Day What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day? Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is held each year on the third Thursday of May, and this year will take place on May 18th. GAAD serves as a day to increase awareness about digital access and inclusion for over 1 billion people worldwide with visual, […]

How You Can Help Promote and Participate in World Hearing Day This Year

Illustration of an ear over an illustration of the globe.

How You Can Help Promote and Participate in World Hearing Day This Year The Origins of World Hearing Day  World Hearing Day (originally called International Ear Day) was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) back in 2007 to “raise awareness about deafness.” Since then, World Hearing Day has evolved to promote greater awareness about […]

Over-the-counter Hearing Aids

Illustration of a doctor explaining a hearing aid to a mother and son

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Have Hit the Market What Does This Mean for Consumers? Over 37 million American adults have difficulty hearing, but only one in four adults that would benefit from a hearing aid have ever used one. According to a recent “The New York Times” article, health experts consider hearing loss a comorbidity as […]

For the Love of Captions

Image of closed captioning symbol on a heart in a gift box.

For the Love of Captions!  In recent years, the use of captioning (and video creation in general) has skyrocketed. There are multiple benefits of captioning, and increased accessibility is just one of many. While increased video use can easily be explained through the rise of Reels and TikTok, the explanation for why younger generations prefer […]

At Risk: Over One Billion Young Adults Could be at Risk for Hearing Loss

Image of three women wearing hearing aids

At Risk: Over One Billion Young Adults Could be at Risk for Hearing Loss  BMJ Global Health recently released a study that “estimated over one billion people between the ages of 12 – 34 are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.” Personal listening devices such as headphones, increased cell phone use, and the prevalence of […]