CART Captioning

CART stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation. CART is the instant translation of the spoken word into text. CART captioning services by Caption Pros can be provided in-person or remotely. Captions are displayed on an Internet-connected device like a tablet, smartphone or laptop and are delivered in real-time to the viewer.

Who Uses CART Captioning?

For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, it can be a challenge to navigate all of the conversations taking place every day around him or her. CART captioning by Caption Pros is used for a variety of situations.

 Our captioners can provide captions wherever you need them and make any setting accessible.

CART Captioning In The Workplace

CART captioning is used in the workplace for meetings, training sessions, seminars, and conference calls. Services can be provided remotely or in person. If done remotely, our captioners will listen to the audio and caption everything they hear – including identifying the speakers if it is a meeting with multiple presenters. Captions can be viewed on a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

CART Captioning In The Classroom

CART captioning can make a difference in the classroom by providing real-time access to students or teachers. CART captioning can assist students who are deaf or hard of hearing, are affected by autism spectrum disorders, have other learning disabilities or have English-language needs. CART captioning can improve literacy and language comprehension for all students K-12 and post-secondary education. Students may receive the captioning file the same day as class. 

CART Captioning On The Go

CART Captioning can also be used in other unique settings like a walking tour of a museum or outdoor gardens. Caption Pros’ CART captioners are mobile! We have captioned in many unique circumstances and are happy to work with you to come up with an accessibility solution. Caption Pros has provided live captioning in a culinary setting in front and in back of the house. We customized an audio solution to be able to hear around the kitchen to allow a culinary student to view her captions while cooking and taking orders. We can work remotely or on-site and have the technology needed to provide an accessible solution practically anywhere.

How Is CART Captioning Done?

Caption Pros has a team of highly trained and certified real-time captioners. Our captioner listens to your meeting or event and accurately types every spoken word using a stenographic keyboard. The captioner’s computer translates the steno language into English text, formatted as captions. Those captions are streamed to an internet-connected device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The individual receiving the service can read the captions in real-time on their device through a link Caption Pros will provide. We can provide access and inclusion anytime, anywhere.

In addition to CART captioning services by Caption Pros, we also include a text file following your session. When time is of the essence, we may also use real-time editors during your live event to ensure a fully edited transcript is ready immediately. While the industry standard is to provide roughly edited files within 24 hours, we can provide a fully edited transcript delivered the same day as your event, if requested.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions or feel free to drop us a line through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.