Fiesta Bowl – Women’s History Month: Jen Schuck, Caption Pros

Image of the Caption Pros team

Fiesta Bowl – Women’s History Month: Jen Schuck, Caption Pros The content of this article is originally from the Fiesta Bowl website. Read the full article here! Sitting in a court room as a court reporter in Chicago, Jen Schuck always knew she wanted to ultimately become a captioner. She just needed to figure out […]

Over-the-counter Hearing Aids

Illustration of a doctor explaining a hearing aid to a mother and son

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Have Hit the Market What Does This Mean for Consumers? Over 37 million American adults have difficulty hearing, but only one in four adults that would benefit from a hearing aid have ever used one. According to a recent “The New York Times” article, health experts consider hearing loss a comorbidity as […]

Veterans and Hearing Loss

Veterans and Hearing Loss

Soldiers face countless occupational hazards. They must be ready for anything, including bombs and blasts, and often work around loud machinery. As a result, tinnitus and hearing loss are the leading service-related disabilities among veterans. This silent injury is due to excessive noise exposure related to gunfire, explosions, tanks, and loud helicopters and aircraft. Tinnitus […]

Jen Schuck at Intersteno 2019!

On July 16, 2019, Jennifer Schuck, president of Caption Pros, competed at the 52nd Congress of Intersteno in Cagliari, Italy. She competed in three contests: Audio transcription, Speech Capturing – Speed, and Speech Capturing – Realtime. In the Speech Capturing – Speed contest, she achieved her personal best score: 15 minutes of increasing speed with […]

Press Release: Project Steno Sponsors Caption Pros’ Owner

Project Steno Sponsors Caption Pros' Owner

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, JUNE 14, 2019 – Scottsdale-based realtime captioning firm Caption Pros announces Project Steno’s sponsorship of its owner, Jennifer Schuck, to attend a conference with Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth. The Digital Excellence Program for Minority Entrepreneurs is a partnership between Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business and Google to help business leaders leverage […]

Being Brave and Showing Up on International Women’s Day

Two weeks ago I competed in the Deposition Reporters Association of California’s Realtime competition. In a female-dominated industry, it has been four years since a female has been on the podium in the overall category. The first year there was a realtime competition was 2014 and Laura Brewer won first place overall and Joann Bryce […]

Meet The Tech Pro – Pete Elsesser

We asked Tech Pro Pete Elsesser to share a little more with us about his background and experience before he joined us at Tech Pros. An incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guy, Pete is the go-to guru when it comes to anything captioners need on the tech side! Read about Pete in his own words below and get […]

Arizona’s Deaf Awareness Week

September 24th – 30th is Arizona’s Deaf Awareness Week! Although Deaf Awareness Week is only seven days long, friends, families, and communities should always strive to understand and be considerate of those who are deaf or have hearing loss. In hopes to increase public awareness of deaf people and culture, we celebrate Deaf Awareness Week […]

Five Reasons You Should Attend The Equip & Empower Summit

The Equip & Empower Summit will be two days of fun-filled training held in Boise, Idaho, October 6th and 7th. If you are a captioner and are thinking about attending, here are FIVE reasons why you should register TODAY!   1. It’s time to move your career forward. Everyone feels stuck in his or her […]

Announcing the Equip and Empower Summit for Captioners

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge to be a well-rounded captioner. Empower yourself to say “YES” to every job! How many tools do you have in your toolbox, captioner? Is your realtime the best it can be? Do you know what questions to ask when agreeing to cover a job? What about the […]