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Four Ways to Make Your Event Accessible

Whether your event is large or small, in-person or virtual, creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome is essential. Prioritizing accessibility ensures inclusivity and enhances the overall quality and impact of your event, making it more meaningful for all attendees. As you begin your event planning, adopt a proactive approach to accessibility by engaging with your attendees to understand and meet their needs. Here are a few tips on how you can begin to make your event accessible.

Start the conversation

Developing an accessible environment begins with understanding individual needs. By asking guests, employees, and participants about their specific requirements, you can gather valuable information to improve accessibility. Disabilities and personal preferences can vary significantly, so it’s important to consider a wide range of solutions. For example, some individuals may benefit from a quiet space, while others might require physical accommodations such as ramps or specific audio and visual aids. By accommodating these needs, you not only improve accessibility but also enhance the overall event experience, making individuals feel valued and comfortable.

Include visual and audio aids

It’s important with any event to accommodate everyone’s needs to ensure satisfaction and success. Here are a few tips to accommodate those who need visual and audio aids for your event, whether it is virtual or in-person:

  • If the event is in person, ensure the room layout and lighting provide good visibility to screens, speakers, and visual aids such as PowerPoint slides.
  • Make the presentation slides and/or meeting audio and video available for replay later with captions or transcripts.
  • Be mindful of employees with hearing loss, watch for signals that the employee wants to participate, and be a good facilitator. 
  • Allow only one person to speak at a time to make conversations easier to follow.
  • Hire a captioner to provide CART captioning services, or real-time captioning, delivered onsite or during a virtual webinar or meeting.

Add captions

When it comes to making your event accessible, captions are a game-changer. They not only ensure that events and information are accessible to people with hearing loss but also provide an additional form of processing the content for improved retention and understanding, benefiting non-native speakers and others. Captions are a practical and effective way to enhance accessibility. Incorporating captions enables individuals to fully engage with the material and the event, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone has a seat at the table.  At Caption Pros, we provide real-time captions to enhance accessibility for all individuals during live events and in the workplace. We also can provide you with a transcript of the event for use with future videos, marketing, or corporate communications.

Ensure everyone feels included

As an event organizer, you aim to facilitate an environment where everyone feels included and comfortable. Whether it’s a one-time event or a company gathering, understanding your audience and meeting their needs and desires is key to success. By simply asking and providing necessary accommodations, you cultivate an environment where everyone feels known and valued. But it doesn’t stop there. By initiating a dialogue about accessibility with attendees, you are taking a proactive step towards inclusivity. This is more impactful than any delicious caterer or beautiful event space could do. So, start your event planning by understanding your audience’s needs and see what happens!

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