Any meeting or event can have live captioning services. From government agencies and universities to churches and tech conferences, any spoken word can be made accessible for those with hearing loss through utilizing live captioning services. Every attendee can be part of your event by watching live captions on an Internet-connected device remotely or in real-time onsite.

We know that you have choices when it comes to your live captioning services needs. Why choose Caption Pros? What makes our services different?


We do not accept assignments we cannot cover.

Captions can only be as good as those who create them. Some live captioning services companies will accept jobs they are not really prepared to cover. Many businesses take on the work, then figure out how to cover it later. Their captioners may not know or understand the subject of your event, have an ill-prepared dictionary, or utilize students to cover jobs. Our team of highly trained captioners is ready to “go live” and we only say “yes” to projects we have time for and are qualified to handle.


We offer customized solutions for your live captioning services needs.

Every situation is different. We use the latest technology and have many options of how to make your event accessible. We thrive on obscure environments — we are a custom company with custom solutions for unique environments.

Caption Pros has provided live captioning in a culinary setting in front and in back of the house. We customized an audio solution to be able to hear around the kitchen and allow the student to view her captions while cooking and taking orders.

Only one projector? No problem. We can display captions on top of a PowerPoint, eliminating the need for two projectors and screens. No Wi-Fi available? We have the capability to create an Intranet and still stream captions.


Our captioners are certified.

ALL of our captioners are certified with 1/3 of our writers having the highest certification offered by the NCRA, Registered Diplomate Reporter. Being a Certified Realtime Captioner means that our writers have to constantly improve their skills to maintain their certification through continuing education credits. We conduct quality control assessments regularly and all captioners have been tested and vetted by Caption Pros’ owner Jennifer.


We offer same-day delivery of FULLY edited transcripts.

When time is of the essence, we use realtime editors during your live event to ensure the transcript is ready immediately following the conclusion. While the industry standard is to provide roughly edited files within 24 hours, we provide FULLY edited transcripts delivered the same day as your event if requested.


Leaders in live captioning services are also teachers.

Caption Pros’ owner Jennifer Schuck, routinely spends time in the trenches teaching her colleagues. An award-winning captioner with over a decade of experience, Jen teaches other captioners how to troubleshoot and learn the technology solutions available in the industry. In addition to teaching others, Jen also helped write the code of ethics for captioners used by the NCRA and will be a co-trainer at the upcoming Equip & Empower Summit for captioners in October.