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Illustration of a doctor explaining a hearing aid to a mother and son

Over-the-counter Hearing Aids

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Have Hit the Market What Does This Mean for Consumers? Over 37 million American adults have difficulty hearing, but only one in four adults that would benefit from a hearing aid have ever used one. According to a recent “The New York Times" article,...

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For the Love of Captions

For the Love of Captions!  In recent years, the use of captioning (and video creation in general) has skyrocketed. There are multiple benefits of captioning, and increased accessibility is just one of many. While increased video use can easily be explained through the rise of Reels...

Captioning Podcasts

Captioning Podcasts

Captioning Podcasts Podcasts are a growing form of media. Podcasts can be used by pretty much anyone to voice facts, opinions, and stories, so it’s become a mainstream interest. Chances are everybody knows somebody who’s started one. While the collective rise in seeking another mode of...

A Caption Pros’ Tools of the Trade 2022

Tools of the Trade in a Virtual World Caption Pros captioners always have a plan A, B, and C.  Captioners have many tools of the trade but Jennifer Schuck, the owner of Caption Pros, says it comes down to being prepared and knowing the best tools...

Caring for a hard of hearing partner

Caring for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Partner

Caring for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Partner Ask anyone the secret to a successful relationship, and they’ll tell you communication is key. What do you do when your partner requires a different form of communication to understand you? Having a hard-of-hearing or deaf partner...

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