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Caption Training: What Makes a Good Candidate?

Caption Training: What Makes a Good Candidate? Looking for a vocation and intrigued by real-time captioning? The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a need for captioning and accessibility in the deaf community. Captioners are in demand more than ever before! It can be hard to figure out...

raising deaf children

Raising Deaf Children

Raising Deaf Children The majority (more than 90%) of d/Deaf children are born to hearing parents. Naturally, it comes as quite a shock, and soon the realization sets in that not only do those parents need to be a parent but an advocate. They need to...

d/Deaf awareness month

Deaf Awareness Month

Deaf Awareness Month It’s deaf awareness month, which is a bit of an inadequate terminology for what we hope to accomplish. The world is aware of deaf people; we’ve seen the movies, probably even gone to elementary school with someone who was deaf, and seen sign...

Automatic speech recognition

Bias in Automatic Speech Recognition

Bias in Automatic Speech Recognition Technology has come a long way, making automatic captioning available on many video conferencing software, social platforms, and tech devices. But many users are aware of the pitfalls, including transcription delays and inaccuracies. Automatic captioning works via automatic speech recognition systems and...

Children with hearing loss

Children and Hearing Loss

Children and Hearing Loss While hearing loss is typically associated with age-related decline, many newborns and adolescents experience it from birth or due to illness and excessive noise exposure. In fact, hearing loss is the number one birth defect in the U.S. Most children in the U.S....

Tips for creating an inclusive workspace

Tips for Creating an Inclusive Workspace

Tips for Creating an Inclusive Workspace Whether your company is large or small, recruiting a diverse workforce and enacting policies that promote equity and inclusion should be a top priority of human resources. This includes welcoming deaf and hard-of-hearing people, especially considering many have job-related and age-related...

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