Core Values Graphic

As we closed out Court Reporting and Captioning week, we were able to reflect on the core values that we stand by as a business. It is important to us that we follow this vision no matter where business may take us in order to truly become successful in our mission. We strive to work with amazing clients that share a similar ideology.


We work with our clients as partners. The perfect example, we were informed at a recent event that the presenter would be using a Mac computer. No problem, we say! Because we know the right questions to ask, our toolbox will be complete with the right equipment to make sure all connections are compatible. When the client was concerned they didn’t have the right equipment, we knew we did!


Based on our value of “partnership,” we know walking into every event we have everything we need – including prep material. Accuracy is highly dependent on the prep material provided prior to an event or class. We always ask in advance because it makes the experience better for everyone. We are confident that we are prepared and have a database of specialty words loaded and ready to go. Thus, our clients are confident knowing they will see excellent captioning.


Realtime captioning is not just a job to Caption Pros – it is an experience, a moment in someone’s life that can be transformative. The words on the screen matter to the person who is relying on them to fill the void of hearing loss. If the consumer does not want to be identified as needing services or has a unique environment where realtime captioning is necessary, we work to make captioning accessible in a way that’s comfortable to them. We respect each and every one of our clients, consumers, and each captioner who works with us. Respect for everyone is a core part of who we are as a company.


Caption Pros’ president, Jennifer Schuck, was the co-chair for creating the National Court Reporters Association’s Code of Ethics for Captioners. It was a two-year effort led by a lot of hard-working individuals which included captioning consumers, sign language interpreters, as well as captioners. Being ethical is a core part of who we are as a company.


All captioners that work with Caption Pros have certification from the National Court Reporters Association. That means they are attending continuing education to constantly improve their skills. They have the burning desire to be better at their job – which is what makes them a Caption Pro! We only work with the best.


This is the penultimate value. Trust encompasses so many things. Clients trust that Caption Pros will be prepped, ready and waiting for their class or event to start on time. Because Caption Pros captioners are on top of the ever-changing world of technology, they have their “bag of tricks” to make sure that no matter the situation, captions can be delivered with top-notch quality. We trust our clients to get us what we need, and they trust us to do our job well!


This is what our job is all about! We are providing communication access! Without our fabulous clients, we would not have the privilege of providing these services that make a difference in lives on a daily basis. Communication is the avenue to prevent any issues before they arise.

Because we work in PARTNERSHIP with our clients, they know that they can TRUST us. They RESPECT our SKILLED captioners and have CONFIDENCE in all of their ETHICAL decisions they make to ensure COMMUNICATION happens on all levels. We are Caption Pros! ')}