Post Production Captions

Post-production Captions

Captioning isn’t one size fits all. Caption Pros can provide your company with real-time translation and an instantaneous, fully edited transcript following a live event.  In addition, we also offer post-production captioning services for prerecorded videos.

Post-production captioning occurs after a video has been recorded, maybe from a conference or any live event. We create a post-production caption file that is accurate and error-free from the video. Also, we can deliver a fully edited transcript of the entire event in a text-only format.

Benefits of post-production captions:

  1. Synchronized with speech, no delay
  2. Timed properly with punctuation and logical grammar breaks
  3. Expands your audience
  4. Increases your search engine optimization
  5. Meets needs of customers and employees
  6. Improves the quality of the video-viewing experience
  7. Enhances accessibility for people with disabilities and ESL viewers
  8. Used for training, conferences, e-learning, Webinars, news conferences, social media videos

The fully edited transcript can also be posted on your website or made available to attendees or employees.

Why are video captions important, especially those posted on the internet?

  1. Many mobile and social videos are watched without sound. Facebook puts the number at 85%, and a survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile.
  2. Approximately 48 million Americans have some hearing loss degree, impacting seniors, working adults, veterans, teens, and adults.
  3. Captions benefit all viewers, even those who don’t have hearing loss. A UK study found that 80% of people who use captions are not deaf or hard of hearing.
  4. Captions help make your videos searchable, especially on public sites like YouTube. It improves search engine optimization. Captions help search engines find your videos, and viewers can limit Google searches to captioned videos.

Post-production captions are a labor-intensive process due to the workflow involved:

  1. Time to transcribe: Our professional captioners review the audio or video and transcribe everything that was said. We have experience with technical and medical terminology.
  2. Time to edit: It takes additional time to review the transcription to make it perfect and verbatim. Our goal is 100% accuracy.
  3. Time to sync the transcription to the video: Once the transcript is produced, it needs to be timed to the words spoken on the video. This is time-intensive as it requires viewing the entire video.
  4. Time for final review: We double-check the transcript and captions – and review the finished product – to ensure an excellent result.

Caption files come in many formats:  .SRT, .SCC, .VTT, and others.  These files contain time codes with the start and stop times of the text displayed within the video. We follow best practices for display and content, so there are no technical glitches when adding it to a hosting platform or uploading it to the Web. The platform you use will determine the file format you need.

Investing in Accessibility

On average, it takes three to four times the length of the video to do post-production captions. Like admiring an easy-to-read article or colorful, well-toned photo, we do the hard work behind the scenes and make captioning look seamless and easy. But the truth is, it’s a lot of time and effort to create professional, easy-to-read post-production media.

By investing in post-production captions for your recorded conference, Webinar, or training event, you appeal to a wider audience and show a commitment to equity and inclusion. You’ll boost your SEO rankings for videos posted on the Internet and improve the quality of your company’s communication and training resources. Most importantly, you’ll have an accessible video to use repeatedly.

If you want to go the extra mile and create a video with open captions, we can do that, too!

Visit Caption Pros to learn more about our award-winning captioners and services to meet all of your employees’ and customers’ needs.