Why Accessibility Matters For Those With Hearing Loss

Accessibility Matters

Imagine sitting in a conference or watching a webinar and not being able to hear what the presenter is saying. For people with hearing loss, it’s an everyday reality. Simple things such as placing an order at a restaurant, enjoying a lecture at a museum, or attending a training for work pose unique challenges. People […]

Caption Pros at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Photo of captions at Heidelberg Laureate Forum

When some of the most brilliant minds in computer science and math come together at an international event to discuss new innovations – and they want realtime captioning – they call Caption Pros. It was an extreme honor to caption Turing Award winners and Fields Medal winners last week at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum! Markus […]

Five Reasons You Should Attend The Equip & Empower Summit

The Equip & Empower Summit will be two days of fun-filled training held in Boise, Idaho, October 6th and 7th. If you are a captioner and are thinking about attending, here are FIVE reasons why you should register TODAY!   1. It’s time to move your career forward. Everyone feels stuck in his or her […]

Summertime Is Conference Time

Is your conference accessible? Summertime is conference time! Everyone we know seems to be chatting up where they are going to conferences this summer. Whether it’s Las Vegas, New Orleans or L.A., conferences of every kind are taking place across the country all summer long. A lot of work goes into planning a conference. From […]