On July 16, 2019, Jennifer Schuck, president of Caption Pros, competed at the 52nd Congress of Intersteno in Cagliari, Italy. She competed in three contests: Audio transcription, Speech Capturing – Speed, and Speech Capturing – Realtime. In the Speech Capturing – Speed contest, she achieved her personal best score: 15 minutes of increasing speed with only 16 errors in the last three minutes. “My goal this year was to do better than I did two years ago in terms of errors. So needless to say, I’m thrilled!” Jennifer said upon learning of her results.  In the Speech Capturing – Realtime contest, she also achieved her goal: 11 errors in 10 minutes.

What is Intersteno?

Intersteno is a convening of stenographers from all around the world who come to compete and share knowledge about the latest technology and challenges in the profession. The Congress is held every two years, usually somewhere in the European Union. There were seven different competitions this year. Each competitor can use the method of their choice to compete in each competition. This means there are voice writers, pen writers, graphic keyboards, as well as chorded keyboards. And the range in age of competitors is from early teens to – well, let’s just say, some very veteran professionals with years of experience.

At the prize-giving ceremony on July 19, Jennifer learned she would take home the bronze medal in the Speech Capturing – Speed competition in the senior chorded-keyboard category. “I wasn’t listening for my name to be called. I was happy with my score but I didn’t realize it was good enough to medal,” Jennifer said after the ceremony was over. Her ranking in the realtime competition was 8th and 9th in the audio transcription contest.

With Jennifer at the lead, Caption Pros continues to be a global captioning company. The network of captioners spans the globe. The time spent with colleagues at Intersteno fosters those relationships. Jennifer competes so her clients know that her skills can be trusted for captioning high-profile events or for the student in the classroom or the professional in a business meeting.

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