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Have you ever turned down a job because you didn’t know how to connect using the requested method? In this day and age, captioners need to know about always-evolving platforms. There is so much more to captioning than just writing realtime! Become more familiar with platforms such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, Elluminate, StreamText, 1capapp, and hardware such as Text on Top.

Going on-site and have questions about how to display captions? Let us help. Need help learning how to script in AccuCap or BCS? Let us help. Do you have general questions about Windows 10 and billing software and overall organization? Let us help.

Increase your earning potential by always being able to say “yes” to every job! Learn how to have a Plan A, B, and C when on-site at a job. Ask us your specific question and we will work through the solution together.

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Jennifer is a Total Eclipse/AccuCap user and can answer questions regarding:  Zoom, Streamtext, 1capapp/1Fuzion, audio connections, on-site display, general organization, Windows 10. Her knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of captioning will help you go to the next level in your captioning career.

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Pete provides general support to help you get the most out of your technology. He works with Eclipse users and is expert in Adobe Connect. Do you have questions about Windows 10 and macOS, audiovisual systems and audio setups, networking, and a11y technology? He is well-versed in all of these and understands the needs of captioners. Whether you need a COM port “whisperer” or just a crash course in the basics of Windows 10, Pete is happy to help.

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As a captioner with 15 years of experience, Stacey is a Stenograph Case CAT/BCS user who can help you organize your workflow, configure your onsite display, optimize onsite and remote audio, as well as help you set-up and troubleshoot various third-party streaming text platforms. Her knowledge and experience is inclusive, but not limited to: YouTube, iCap, Adobe Connect, Blackboard, Zoom, WebEx, etc. Let Stacey ease your fears surrounding today’s technical landscape, both in your home office and while on site.

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Consulting Package Options

We are not a substitute for your support contract with your CAT software vendor. Tech Pros are the go-to for those times when your questions pertain to platforms/methods that do not have tech support.


Our “Tech Pros” are captioners or I.T. consultants that can answer your questions when you have no one else to turn to. We are working professionals just like yourself. So be proactive about learning what you need to know before the job! We will likely not be available for your 911 situation.

All sessions are booked with a one-hour minimum. So bring us your questions! Time booked is non-refundable. With your one-hour session, you will also receive up to two emails with follow-up questions.

  • One-hour session: $125
  • Package of three one-hour sessions: $345
  • Package of five one-hour sessions: $500
    (all sessions must be used within six months of purchase)

* Please be advised that each Tech Pro has their own cancellation policy. At a minimum, cancellations within 24 hours are non-refundable, unless canceled by the Tech Pro.

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Jen's knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to troubleshooting technical issues. She is concise and efficient in diagnosing and remedying issues.

Kayla Lotstein

After a two-year absence from CART and captioning, I knew I needed a crash course in all the current technology. Jen tailor-made our sessions just for me and zeroed in on the areas where I felt I needed the most work. As a result, I have a much stronger foundation and can take on more work involving more difficult technical setups. Jen is a busy captioner too, but she goes out of her way to make herself available when I have any emergency questions about set-ups. She’s a life-saver!

Susie Dezelan

I have never come across someone who explains things as well as Jen does.

Liane Tomlinson