Have you ever turned down a job because you didn’t know how to connect using the requested method? In this day and age, captioners need to know about always-evolving platforms. There is so much more to captioning than just writing real-time! Become more familiar with platforms such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, Elluminate, StreamText, 1capapp, and hardware such as Text on Top.

Going on-site and have questions about how to display captions? Let us help. Need help learning how to script in AccuCap or BCS? Let us help. Do you have general questions about Windows and billing software and overall organization? Let us help.

Increase your earning potential by always being able to say “yes” to every job! Learn how to have a Plan A, B, and C when on-site. Ask us your specific question and we will work through the solution together.


Jennifer is a Total Eclipse/AccuCap user and can answer questions regarding:  Zoom, Streamtext, 1capapp/1Fuzion, audio connections, on-site display, general organization, Windows. Her knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of captioning will help you go to the next level in your captioning career.

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